Student Spotlight 2010


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Kayla DarvinKayla Darvin

Mentor: Dr. Sara Espinoza

The Atonement Academy

Kayla is a member of NJHS, a short distance runner on the track team, volunteer at the animal care services and plays the piano. She was also the first recipient of a $10,000 scholarship awarded by the Atonement Academy as a result of her academic success in middle school.
Kayla was offered the following scholarships: $20,000 a year – SMU, $1000 a year – Texas A&M, free tuition for one year at any Public Texas University for Valedictorian, $16,000 a year from College of St. Mary. She will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall of 2013.
Kayla currently reports for CalTV News providing a visual and in-depth look into the diverse issues surrounding the UC Berkeley community.To view Kayla please visit the following link: