Voelcker Academy

Research Symposium 2012


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Maria Free

The Effects of Stress on Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy

Maria Free

Mentor(s): Amanda Milstein, Yidong Bai

Heteroplasmy normally stays stable within a cell line; however, in a previous study by Dr. Bai a shift due to ethidium bromide was shown. The current study will test to see if a change happens because of oxidative and mitochondrial stress. Appropriate drug dosages and time of exposure to paraquat and rotenone dictated by viability trials will be used to apply stress to mouse cell cultures. The cells exposed to stress will be compared to those of a control to see if a shift in heteroplasmy occurred. Understanding how the mitochondria function under normal and stressful conditions will lead to future research related to the quality control mechanisms of the organelle.