Voelcker Academy

Research Symposium 2012


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Morganne Blaylock

Development of a Dominant Marker-Based, Recyclable Transformation System for Candida glabrata

Morganne Blaylock

Mentor(s): Brian Wickes PhD

The laboratory focuses on three main projects.

  1. Molecular Identification of Human Fungal Pathogens
  2. The role of mating in virulence in Cryptococcus neoformans
  3. Molecular analysis of Candida glabrata virulence genes.

I will be working with Candida glabrata to develop a tool to manipulate genes to be able to more efficiently study C. glabrata.

Candida glabrata is a common, opportunistic, haploid yeast.

  • Once considered part of the normal flora
  • Immunosuppressive drugs, AIDS, organ transplants, cancer, advanced age, and premature birth increase risk of infection
  • Resistant to many pharmacological antifungal agents used against other Candida species
  • Used as a transformation system
  • Emerging cause of BSI’s (Blood Stream Infection)
  • 50.1% mortality rate
  • No sexual cycle
  • 2nd leading cause of candidemia
  • Complete genome sequence