Voelcker Academy

Research Symposium 2012


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Vanessa Alvarado

Using a National Laboratory to Conduct Research in Health Care Quality Improvement

Vanessa Alvarado

Mentor(s): Kathleen R. Stevens, RN, EdD, ANEF, FAAN Robert L. Ferrer, MD, MP

In October 2011 Small Troubles ,Adaptive Responses(STAR-2) was launched.STAR-2 significantly expands the scope of STAR-1, a RWFJ-funded study. STAR-2 research collaborative consists of 14 hospitals investigating operational problems that frontline nurses work around on a daily basis. One of the main objectives of the study is identifying relationship among practice environment, outcomes in acute care units and frontline quality improvement engagement. Organizational support for nursing care in engagement in micro system operations, are potentially modifiable to produce better patient outcome and workforce satisfaction. This study will advance the understanding of relationships among practice environment, frontline quality improvement engagement and outcomes in acute care clinical units. The results of this study will explain how potentially modifiable attributes of macro- and micro-systems care and interface with frontline nurses quality improvement engagement and subsequent system provider, and care outcomes.