Voelcker Academy

Research Symposium 2011


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Efosa Iyinbor

Genetic Screen for Genes involved in Proteasome Regulation in the Motor Neuron

Efosa Iyinbor

Mentor(s): Dr. Benjamin Eaton

Proper function of the Proteasome is important for normal growth and remodeling of the neural synapse. Too much function will cause the synapse to grow less or even destroy parts of the synapse and axon needed for normal activity. Too little activity, though it will cause a larger synapse, will also lead to a lot of blockage in the axon. It is also known that dysfunction of the proteasome is associated with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, ALS, etc. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms that regulate proteasome activity in neurons. The basis of the project was to explore genes that regulate proteasome transportation and function within motor neurons because proper function of the proteasome regulation is implicated in neurodegeneration and we don't know much about it.

Collaborators: Efosa-Dimitar Iyinbor, Leo Chang, Benjamin Eaton, PhD