Voelcker Academy

Research Symposium 2010


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Kayla Darvin

Understanding Frailty through Proteomics: A study of Glycoproteins in Frailty

Kayla Darvin

Mentor: Dr. Sara Espinoza

What is frailty? The term has been used by practitioners and non-practitioners alike, but has not been defined by one standard definition. According to Dr. Espinoza, and collaborators, frailty is a clinical geriatric syndrome that is more common in older adults and causes people to be more vulnerable to physical decline and at higher risk for falls, disability, hospitalization, institutionalization, and death. The focus of this study is to use proteomics to examine and compare the glycoproteins of different patients across frailty status to see if any new glycoproteins can be found that are linked to frailty.